Can you do Free VIN Check in Australia?

Check VIN for Free in Australia?

For those who don’t know VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. A VIN number is more like your car’s fingerprint.  VIN is unique for a vehicle and has exactly 17 characters.

How to find your vehicle’s VIN?

Please see our page on how to find VIN?

 Now, can you do a VIN Check for Free in Australia?

Unfortunately No. There is no reliable free VIN Check in Australia. There are some Free VIN Decoders on the web, including our Free VIN Decoder. Our Free VIN Decoder  provides the region, country, make and year of the vehicle. A word of caution though is that this service comes with absolutely no guarantee.

But the good news is that iREGO makes checking a VIN fast, easy and accurate .

VIN Lookup – $4.90

VIN lookup provides vehicle description for a given VIN. The information provided include

  • Make, Model, Year, Body Type, Grade, Number of Cylinders, Version, Series & State

Check out the VIN Lookup sample result.

Vehicle History – $9.90   

Checking the VIN number is very important when you intend to buy a vehicle. It is the best way to know if the vehicle is free of encumbrances and to make sure its not stolen and/or written-off.

Our Vehicle History service provides

  • Encumbrance Check
  • Stolen Check
  • Written-Off Check
  • Vehicle Description
  • Registration Details
  • Official Certificate

See a Vehicle History Sample.

iREGO is your one stop place for REVS Check, VIN Check or Vehicle History Check in Australia. iREGO provides Instant results, Cheap price and automatic emailing of results, checking a VIN in Australia has never been easier.

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