What is a VIN number?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17 character serial number allocated to every vehicle sold in Australia since 1989.

It is just like the car's fingerprint.

Why do you need VIN?

You need VIN if you want to Check a Vehicle.

Its absolutely essential you check a vehicle before you buy.

Check VIN


Is money owing on the vehicle?

Is the vehicle stolen?

Is the vehicle written-off?

VIN Check Payment

Where to find VIN?

On Windscreen

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Passenger Side

VIN is commonly found on the Passenger Side Windscreen just below the wipers.

On Rego Sticker

Renewal Reminder / Sticker

VIN can be found on the Renewal Reminder Notice or the Rego Sticker.

On Engine Bay

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On Build Plaque

VIN is found on the Build Plaque. Open the bonnet to find the Build Plaque.

On Door Jamb

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Door Jamb

On Some vehicles VIN is also found on the door jamb although it is less common.

Did you know? VIN never contains letters I & Q.