Getting a REVS Check in NSW

If you live in Sydney or other parts of New South Wales you pretty much know what is REVS and why you need to check it first before even putting a deposit on the vehicle.

REVS NSW is no longer operating.

If you are in the market lately and unable to find REVS provided by Department of Fair Trading in NSW and wondering why, its because effective Jan 2012 Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS, NSW) has been decommissioned. It has been replaced by Personal Property Securities Register.

Check REVS (PPSR) Now

So how do you get a REV Check in NSW?

Buying a used car can be risky, and buyers aren't always sure what they are getting into.

Whether you find a used car in the classified ads or on a trusted website, you should always get a revs check in NSW to ensure that you are not going to be inheriting any debt from a previous owner. Essentially, a REVS check in NSW is a quick check that will find out if a vehicle still has any money owed on it.

At iREGO, we provide instant and easy-to-understand REVS reports. You can save yourself the hassle that you would have to go through if you purchased an encumbered car. All that you need is the VIN, and we will take care of the rest.

PPSR, the new REVS is even better

You might hate the fact that user will need to pay for the REVS check done but consider the benefits of it. The new revs known as PPSR provides vehicle information that was not previously available with the old REVS. Things such as stolen or write off information about cars are as much valuable as the finance information. Its a small price for a big peace of mind.